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Benefits of a Historic District

*Tax Credits

The state and federal government are encouraging you to preserve your historic property!  They don't want to lose valuable historic resources and we don't either.  If you plan to do a rehabilitation project on your historic building, you may be eligible to receive 25% back of what you spend on your project in state tax credits and 20% back in federal credits.  This can add up to a LOT of $$$.  

*Neighborhood Uniqueness and Distinct Identity Attract Residents and Keeps Our Community Competive 

These qualities attract the "creative class"--a classification of resident that desires art and artistry in their built environment and is a rising and competitive part of new homeowners and young professionals. 

*An Existing Building is the Greenest Building

Generally, 80% of a rehabilitation project is spent in labor (which goes back into our local community) while only 20% of cost is spent in materials. 

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