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Why is our historic district important?

Hillcrest is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This means that it is on an official list created by the federal government which recognizes districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects worthy of preservation.  Hillcrest's historical and architectural importance lies in its period of signficance which is from 1890-1940.  This is the time period in which most of Hillcrest was developed and what mostly still stands today.

Hillcrest is unique because it acts as a small village in the middle of Little Rock, AR.  We are a historic community with our own commercial center, schools, post office, banks, parks, restaurants and a variety of styles of unique homes.  It is representative and still functions in much of the way that it was originally built and designed to do.  The buildings are human scale with tree-lined streets.  Most amenities are within walking distance; even our children are able to walk to neighborhood schools.   

Right now our village is in danger of losing its architectural and historic integrity because buildings are being torn down to build bigger and newer homes or parking lots or our streetscapes and architecture are being  altered so significantly that it changes the character of the community. This endangers our listing on the National Register by losing structures contributing to its historic status.

Save Hillcrest! Is not trying to stop the neighborhood from evolving but promoting it be done in a way that is sensitive to its historic architecture and streetscapes. Historic preservation is not about stopping creative and exciting architecture and development but about retaining the best of a shared heritage while still preserving its unique qualities.

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